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Handy Buzzing Trainer BUZZMUTE for Trumpet with 2 Mute Parts “Soft & Hard”

BUZZMUTE is a compact tool for practicing buzzing, even with mute. You can practice buzzing easily by inserting a mouthpiece.

● Reproduced a realistic feeling of blowing similar to that of real instruments.

  *When the mute parts is not inserted.

● You can practice buzzing in places where you don't want to make a sound.

  *When the mute parts is inserted.

You can play wide range of sounds smoothly

● Compact size in a smart shape.

Simple structure, easy to keep it clean.

By inserting to VALVINO, you can practice with the close feeling to a real trumpet.

For comprehensive practice of trumpet, practice with a set of VALVINO + BUZZMUTE is recommended.

*The length when you joint VALVINO and BUZZMUTE is about the same length as a real trumpet.


Mouthpipe: ABS

Mute Parts: Urethane

Mute Case: ABS


Mouthpipe: Weight Approximately 21 g

Total length 132 mm × Width φ 27 mm

Mute Part: Weight Approximately 0.3 g

Total length 45 mm × Width φ 19 mm × 2

Mute Case: Weight Approximately 12 g

Total length 95.6 mm × Width φ 23.6 mm

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